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Welcome to Skye Martial Arts!

Skye Martial Arts India, offers best in class education in the South Korean Martial Art form, Taekwondo. It is inspired by Sky Martial Arts, USA the Dojang of Grand Master Dr. Jun C Yoon, former World Champion and 23-time Korean National Taekwondo Champion.


Our Purpose

Skye Martial Arts India focuses on imparting world class and holistic education in Taekwondo, its philosophy, values, etiquette and culture along with its knowledge, skills and techniques. Taekwondo is a way of life.

Through the medium of Taekwondo we help students build character and acquire life skills necessary to succeed in life.

skye martial arts purpose

Our Programs

Little Hawk Classes (4-7 yrs old)
Develop focus & confidence, improve listening, emphasize the importance of exercise and nutrition, develop cooperation & social skills, and learn respect, discipline, hand/eye coordination, and agility.

Children & Family Classes
Improve self-esteem and develop discipline, respect, and a never-give-up attitude while learning self-defense techniques. Discover the benefits of your training at school and at home. The family that kicks together sticks together!

Teen & Adult Classes
Achieve physical and mental fitness and find a healthier outlook on life. Surround yourself among helpful peers and training partners and create lasting bonds. Discover your inner strength and build healthy habits.