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About Us

Our Story

The idea of setting up a Dojang in Mumbai became very real, when one of Grand Master’s students returned to Mumbai and struggled to find a good training school with well-trained faculty, proper training equipment and space to train in. A year later, Skye Martial Arts India was born.

Our Philosophy

At Skye Martial Arts India, students learn to develop good moral character through the examples of our instructors, and discover the importance of demonstrating values of respect in everything they do.

Skye Martial Arts India also emphasizes the benefits of teamwork and view all students as part of the extended Skye Family. Students will find the support to work together and become future leaders.

Students also discover the virtue of humility through the act of helping one another and serving the community.

What sets us apart?

skye martial arts powai

At Skye Martial Arts, you learn to be a true martial artist. We are unique in spirit, purpose and modus operandi.

You learn various forms and techniques and develop the ability to face and overcome challenges, to test your limits and never give up. You learn to set goals and work towards achieving them.

Our curriculum and teaching methods are founded on the values of Discipline, Respect, Integrity, Humility, Unity and Perseverance.

The expertise and experience of our Mentors enriches your Taekwondo journey.

Come and experience the Skye way of learning – with passion, focus, respect and enjoyment.

  • 2456 sq. ft. training area
  • Latest equipment
  • Well-defined curriculum
  • Experience of more than 27 years
  • Engaging mentors
  • Tried and tested teaching methodologies
  • Varied Programs
  • Flexible schedules
  • Suitable for all Ages

Meet the Mentors

Grand Master Dr. Jun C Yoon

Founder of Sky Martial Arts | 9th Dan Black Belt | World Champion

Master Andrew Yoon

5th Dan Black Belt | Certified Master Instructor

Master Joseph Yoon

6th Dan Black Belt | Certified Master Instructor | Certified Personal Trainer from NASM, USA

Gaurav Karangutkar

Head Instructor

Arunima Deb

Teaching Assistant

Jayanto Deb

Teaching Assistant